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Teagan De Danaan

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Melbourne, au
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I am an IPC Master Instructor and I'm considered to be Australasia's expert in Electronics  manufacture and repair, especially lead free soldering, I find my students teach me as much, as I them, and I love the research involved in my job.

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My favourite hobby is reading and writing poetry and has been on and off for over 50 years. I travel a lot with work so I guess another hobby is eating out and of course coming from the greatest wine producing country in the world I love to sample good wines.

I used to be a pro-cyclist and still coach and still like hanging around the races. My favourite Aussie Rules football team is the Western Bulldogs, but when I'm up north where they play Rugby League, I barrack for Melbourne Storm and of course when we talk about real football there is only one team and only one game..... when we play N. Zealand. There is only two seasons, Football season, and watching Tennis, waiting for the Football season.
I have flown gliders and still love flight, but  now I have to settle for Jets and watching birds and I don't mean the mini skirted  version.

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